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what are your waiting for?

Start living now. Don’t wait until the pain of living the life you are currently living squeezes all the happy out of you. Don’t “yeah but” me.  I’m talking about the happiness you feel when you hug someone, not the ass-out, pat on the back hug…a real heart-to-heart hug, or see you child take their first … Continue reading

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why are you working at a job you hate?

If you’re already dreading going back to work after the holidays, then you need to make a serious change. Make 2015 the year to you stop working at the job you hate or dread. If not your robbing the world of your talents and yourself of happiness. It’s not just following your passion. It’s connecting … Continue reading

1 person dies by suicide every 40 seconds

1 person dies by suicide every 40 seconds. That’s over 800,000 people per year…mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and friends. The 22×22 Project is a haiku, visual art and documentary film supporting suicide awareness and prevention. On September 14, 2003, I received a call that changed my world forever. I was living in Florida. … Continue reading

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now serving: shots of happiness

Happiness is a feeling and a way of life. It can light up your life quicker, than a double shot of espresso. At the Zen Doughboy Café, we serving up Shots of Happiness. What’s in your Shot of Happiness? #1 Personal Happiness Blend – Part #1. What does your happiness look like? What’s in your blend? How does … Continue reading

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too much of a fake good thing [video]

The first time was awesome Second. Third. It doesn’t last. Seek internal bliss and happiness. Subscribe to The Weekly Mix. Each episode includes cultural commentary, book excerpts, creative catalysts and more. Anthony Ware is a zen doughboy™, author, speaker, teacher and humanitarian. He creates and collaborates at the intersection of human behavior, science, business, culture and consciousness. … Continue reading


creating solutions with first principles [video]

“…it’s mentally easier to reason by analogy than first principles” —Elon Musk Create. Rules. Sameness. Mental Fitness. These are the words that come to mind after watching this clip with Elon Musk. Instead of thinking in terms of iterations, he explains how to create solutions from looking at the situation from the first principles perspective. … Continue reading


let me bend your ear [music]

Music is a connection…a thread to every culture on the planet. For some, it’s a way of life. I think of it as a second heartbeat that we all share. This track is the first installment of a series of songs and sets that I find interesting, energizing or just damn good. You may or … Continue reading

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connected stories of life

Language, age, childhood…these are stories of lives. It took me years to view the world as a multitude of intersecting stories. Connected. Once I changed…and started living with my perspective, I was exposed to a whole new world. What’s your story? Subscribe to The Weekly Mix. Each episode includes cultural commentary, book excerpts, creative catalysts and more. … Continue reading

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