zen doughboy media - pic - cocoon by dj lockstar

time to spread your wings and fly [music]

Change. Evolution. Kaizen.  I’ve experienced multiple rebirths in my life. None have been as dramatic nor with as much depth as the last 3 years. One of the grounding forces throughout this time has been music. Few songs capture my experience better that Cocoon, a mix by DJ Lockstar. I’ve felt like I’ve been in … Continue reading

zen doughboy media - pic - creative mornings toronto - tiffany pratt

how to live a colorful life [video]

“…even if you change, that’s OK.” —Tiffany Pratt Be you. Be authentic. Buzzwords or calls-to-action. It’s the latter. Sometimes that action may seen like you’re going backwards or sideways. In the doing, you find the connections. You find your groove. Society is quick to put people into a bucket, but the choice is yours. You can … Continue reading

zen doughboy media - pic - visualy - student athletes and stress

a stress test [infographic]

I’ve been researching the links between the sources of stress in adults and their pasts. One rabbit hole lead me to student-athletes. One the surface, they have an easy life. They get to play the sport they love, travel, and get paid (not as much as they should) to go to school live a charmed … Continue reading

FlexNotReq - promo - 1-on-1 on 21Oct2014

less talk, take action…if not now, when?

Warning: This may have a few triggers. Part tough love and part pulling from stories of clients and friends PLUS a big piece of my personal experiences over the past 3 years. It’s almost time for the Holidays (fun stress and where did the year go?). Fellas (ladies are the men in your life going … Continue reading

Weekly Mix - Episode 012 - Love Happiness Hustle

weekly mix – episode 012: love. happiness. hustle.

Welcome to The Weekly Mix – Episode 012. Your weekly catalyst to stir your thoughts. New episodes released on Sundays. a triple treat triad…does a life good This is the Monday edition of your Sunday edition. Not normal. back on track next week. On to this week’s mix… Al Green was on to something. Love, … Continue reading

zen doughboy - quote - Experiences greater than Things (no promo)

conscious irony: experiences > things

What do you remember the most? The gift that you received 10 years ago from a loved one…or…That one time you did something random and cool with the same person. In a world of buying the latest version of the tech gadget, game or even upgrading our homes. We’ve lost our way. What if we … Continue reading

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