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haikus with purpose: change 40 seconds to 40 hours [video]

haikus with purpose According to the World Health Organization, every 40 seconds a person dies from suicide. That’s 800,000 people per year. In 2003, my brother Damon committed suicide. He was 22. The 22×22 Project: Haikus with Purpose In honor of Damon and to change 40 seconds to 40 hours, we launched The 22×22 Project, … Continue reading

weekly mix - Episode 017 - a time to be thank-full

weekly mix – episode 017: a time to be thank-full

Welcome to The Weekly Mix – Episode 016. Your weekly catalyst to stir your thoughts. New episodes on Sundays. why are we limiting ourselves It’s always a bittersweet time for my family. One of the main pieces of our family puzzle, Damon, committed suicide back in 2003. Holidays haven’t been the same since his death. … Continue reading

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the complex simplicity of language, music and culture [video]

“…many people that have an opinion of hip-hop, know absolutely nothing about it.” —Akala Are you paying attention to what you are saying? Why do you remember some songs and not others? Accents and pace of language are linked to the culture and history. Akala touches on the point of the custodian of language and knowledge … Continue reading


happiness and the future of zen doughboy

Over the past several months, I have been refining where are the places that vibe with the culture of Zen Doughboy. I’m a firm believer in spaces that inspire and the power of 3. On a higher level, 3 cities will be the home of Zen Doughboy by March 2015…Los Angeles, Miami and Nashville. L.A. … Continue reading


make staying power a staple of your business [video]

“Stay true to what you do.” —jeffstaple If you follow our Instagram, you know that I dig Staple Pigeon and the culture Jeff has cultivated. In the fast culture and fads of fashion, he guides his team for the long game…a brand with a legacy. You have to live and die or thrive by your motto … Continue reading


creating solutions with first principles [video]

“…it’s mentally easier to reason by analogy than first principles” —Elon Musk Create. Rules. Sameness. Mental Fitness. These are the words that come to mind after watching this clip with Elon Musk. Instead of thinking in terms of iterations, he explains how to create solutions from looking at the situation from the first principles perspective. … Continue reading


22×22: not of that matter

not of that matter geyser primed for loud eruption soaked in joy are we —from Laughter, one of 22 categories in The 22×22 Project— photo credit: martin_vmorris Haikus with Purpose Please support our 2014 Catalyst Campaign to help make The 22×22 Project a reality. 100% of profits of both books and the documentary film go to … Continue reading

Thank-Full Tuesday 2014

thank-full tuesday [special holiday discounts]

I understand that change takes time. It also takes resources that may seem to be out of reach. I’m thank-full for all the people that helped me make Zen Doughboy a reality. Not just a platform for knowledge, it’s a business that is a part of a larger community of conscious businesses. I couldn’t have … Continue reading

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