Weekly Mix - Episode 012 - Love Happiness Hustle

weekly mix – episode 012: love. happiness. hustle.

Welcome to The Weekly Mix – Episode 012. Your weekly catalyst to stir your thoughts. New episodes released on Sundays. a triple treat triad…does a life good This is the Monday edition of your Sunday edition. Not normal. back on track next week. On to this week’s mix… Al Green was on to something. Love, … Continue reading

zen doughboy - quote - Experiences greater than Things (no promo)

conscious irony: experiences > things

What do you remember the most? The gift that you received 10 years ago from a loved one…or…That one time you did something random and cool with the same person. In a world of buying the latest version of the tech gadget, game or even upgrading our homes. We’ve lost our way. What if we … Continue reading

zen doughboy media - pic (flickr)  pinky and the brain by JD Hancock

pinky, it’s time

It’s time. I’m stoked. After a few months of development, I’m beta-testing a new concept of a corporate-ish class in prep for a game-changing client project (Jan. 2015). Dreams do become reality (just not overnight). Class Concept: Think happiness trumps workplace stress, and getting the heck away from jobs that suck…like college without the bullshit. … Continue reading

Weekly Mix - Episode 011 - Fear is the Mind Killer

weekly mix – episode 011: fear is the mind-killer

Welcome to The Weekly Mix – Episode 011. Your weekly catalyst to stir your thoughts. New episodes released on Sundays. reality is perception is reality I’m a fan of Frank Herbert’s epic, Dune. that’s why I borrowed a line from story as the theme of this week’s mix. I’ve been reflecting on fear over that … Continue reading

zen doughboy media - pic - gary vaynerchuk askgaryvee 26 cover

the fear of my fear is my friend [video]

I often get asked about some of the influences in my life. Most people think I’ll name a list full of yogis. Yes, I dig and am inspired by what people like Kathryn Budig (she’s one of the handful of yoga-centric people I pay attention to) are sharing with the world. I chose to explore … Continue reading

zen doughboy media - pic - screenshot of Indian Point of View by Stanislas Giroux

grab your passport: south india [video]

We each look at the world from a certain point of view. That’s one of the fascinating things about being human. I could walk a mile or thousands of kilometers in your shoes and never 100% see the world the same way you do. The only way for me to learn to listen to your … Continue reading

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